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Why Is Social Media an Important Part of Inbound Marketing?

Supercharge your inbound marketing campaign by sharing your content across multiple social media platforms. Social media marketing allows a business to connect with its customers where they already are: online. Discover why social media is an important part of inbound marketing below.

Why Is Social Media an Important Part of Inbound Marketing?

Social Media Marketing Expands Your Reach

Contact potential customers anywhere in the world by marketing through social media channels. Due to advances in technology, businesses experience greater ease in accessing markets than ever before. Everyone who advertises on social media enjoys global reach. That level of influence alone provides significant power.

In the past, companies needed to plan their marketing campaigns according to estimated growth. They might start with local advertisements and expand to national ads before taking their brands overseas. Now, a business owner in North America can reach customers in Asia on social media, all within a matter of minutes.

Marketing on Social Media Increases Brand Recognition

Imprint your brand on the minds of consumers by marketing on the most popular social media platforms. Social media platforms allow you to pitch your products and services over and over again to the same potential customers. As a result, the customers you reach on social media prove more likely to remember your brand when they encounter it in the world.

By increasing the brand awareness of consumers and pushing them toward brand recognition, you increase the likelihood that they will select your product or service over similar offerings in the marketplace.

Targeted Marketing Helps You Reach Interested Customers

Zero in on the customers most likely to purchase your goods and services with targeted social media ads. While the shotgun approach to marketing still exists, you can now target potential customers based on their online activity and past interactions with your company. And the result is a higher conversion rate.

Social media companies keep track of everything their users do on their platforms, so you can tailor your social media advertising campaign to target people within a certain age range who have purchased similar items in the past. You can also easily retarget past customers or social media users who almost made a purchase.

Marketing on Social Media Platforms Is Affordable

Place your products and services in front of your potential customers for a fraction of what it used to cost to advertise via traditional channels! A couple of decades ago, small businesses found themselves forced to advertise locally because the cost of national advertisements priced them out of the market.

Nowadays, even an upstart sole proprietor can afford to immediately market wares around the globe with a few clicks of the mouse. When bolstering an inbound marketing campaign with social media ads, you can control how many times the platform displays your ads to regulate your total ad spend.

Social Network Marketing Informs You About Your Customers

Perform a reconnaissance mission against your potential customers by tracking their interactions on social media. Most social media platforms allow companies to view who liked, shared, and commented on their recent social media posts. This information provides valuable insight into what their customers do, think, and buy.

By parsing through all of the data regarding client interactions with your social media account, you can more accurately target potential customers with free content, paid ads, and special offers. If you use customer data to tailor your ad spends, the result is less waste, more conversions, and increased revenue.

Social Media Integrates Well With an Organic SEO Marketing Campaign

One of the best things about marketing on social media is how it integrates with the rest of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Even if you can’t compel some social media users to click on your latest posts, they may remember a few of the keywords in those posts and perform a Google search to find your website.

Social media represents one more way for you to promote your brand, interact with the public, and entice potential customers into your sales funnel. By maintaining a presence on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you can expect a steady stream of social media users to your official homepage.

Social Media Platforms Serve as a Space for Constant Innovation

More than likely, you are already doing everything right in terms of inbound marketing. However, new developments arise all the time, and many of those developments first occur on social media. By staying up to date on social media, you can learn new ways to improve your inbound marketing campaigns.

Similarly, social media serves as a place where you can experiment with new strategies and tactics. Try making a few small changes to your usual routine to see if it results in better sales metrics. If they perform well, then you can start to utilize your new methods across all platforms.

Social Media Offers Ideas for Your Future Content

If you want the latest news before it hits the mainstream press, social media is the place to find trending narratives. Staying active on the most popular platforms will give you ideas about what to cover next in your social media posts. You may not be the first to break a story, but you can stay ahead of the pack, or at least the TV networks and newspapers.

Also, social media can tell you much more than which subjects are driving the most traffic. It can also tell you which formats, voices, and styles create the largest impact. Don’t feel afraid to mimic the most popular, recent social media posts. It provides an excellent opportunity to improve upon them so you can effectively engage your customers and convert sales.

Now that you know why social media is an important part of inbound marketing, why not automate your social media account so you can focus on your core business? Sign up with Automate My Social to streamline your social media tasks today!

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