social media management software

Social media is a powerful must use tool for any business or brand to use. There are so many social media platforms, but which to use? And more importantly, how can you be successful on any of them? Without spending oodles of time creating posts or money hiring a social media agency to create a few posts per week? That is exactly why we created Automate My Social!

Each social media platform has either carved out a niche (think LinkedIn or Pinterest) or one up each other’s game, like Tik Tok to Instagram. Trying to command as much of our time as possible. It is hard to argue that social media should be used by every small business, no matter your market, no matter your audience. With AMS you can make sure staying in front of your followers and potential customers won’t be a chore.

The platform you choose to focus your attention on may be different, but posting and engaging on social media you definitely should do. If you are unaware of the scale of the opportunity let’s run through some numbers…

  • Almost 60% of the world uses one or more social media platforms.
  • 190 million added in the last year.
  • The average person spends two & a half hours each day on social media.

That is a huge amount of the population and cumulatively an astronomical amount of time each month spent on social media. Maybe you are thinking that’s great but my audience is only in the US. Here is some data related to only the US.

  • Over 72% of people in the US use a social media account.
  • Maybe your audience is a bit older? 64% of people 50-64 use a social media account.
  • In 2020, the average American social media user spent 1300 hours on social media

You can easily see that the amount of time we spend is enormous. So why would any business neglect such a valuable place that can be used for free in attracting clients? Ok I know what you’re thinking, I get it! I know there are a ton of potential customers on social media. Good I’ll bore you no more. Let’s look at the value proposition we offer. 

Should I hire a social media manager? Or a social media Agency? 

I won’t say that choosing the right social media manager or agency isn’t going to grow your audience and get you leads, they can, but at what cost? The average total compensation for a social media manager is $80,000. That doesn’t even count the tools they would need to execute the job. That is way more than the average small business can afford. So what are some of the other options? 

Hiring a social media marketing agency.

Ok so you won’t go full bore with complete control of your social media by hiring an employee, and if you run a small company it isn’t even within your budget. However maybe outsourcing to an agency at part time could be a solution. But what does that cost? If you look this up the cost varies significantly. I found a site that gave a range of between $1500-$25,000 per month. That is a large range. Many don’t have very transparent pricing and require to schedule a call to hear their pitch first before getting pricing. I found a few that did, so let’s take a look at what they offer and what they charge. 

Social Media Agency Pricing.

Marketing House Media charges between $500-$1200 per month to post to 1,2, or 3 platforms and only 4-5 “interesting” posts per week. (Whatever that means) 

LyfeMarket charges between $750-$1550 per month with only 2 platforms and 12-20 posts per month.

Webfx charges between $3000-$4800 per month for 1,2, or 3 platforms and 10, 20, or 30 posts per month.

Even that is a pretty wise range. Most of them will have some limits on how many platforms and posts you get (makes sense). What if you have more than just a couple social media platforms or want more than just a few posts per week? The simple answer is, it would cost more! How about video? Also more.

Here is the real rub, and truly where the cost comes from. Creating the social media posts themselves, and where Automate My Social really shines. What if you could create social media posts automatically? What if those posts matched your brand and message perfectly? No need to spend time going back and forth on approvals and edits? That is going to be part of the “cost” in hiring any agency. With AMS you can create endless amounts of social media posts and post to up to 6 social media sites (more to come) at once all for less than half the cost of the lowest priced agency!

Let’s compare:

Marketing House Media $6000/yr – $14400/yr

LyfeMarket $9000/yr – $18,600/yr

Webfx $36000 – $57600/yr

AMS $2400/yr save $3600/yr compared to the lowest competitor. You also get more posts, more platforms, and less management!

It’s time to get started!