automate my social media


What platforms can AMS connect to?

We support Facebook Pages and Groups, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Google My Business, Telegram, Pinterest, and TikTok. You can also add RSS feeds, like Substack or YouTube, to automate your social media postings.

How many social media sites can I connect and post to?

Unlike other social media sharing tools Automate My Social allows you to connect to as many accounts as you have and post unlimited social media posts!

Do you use a link shortener?

Yes we do, all links shared will be automatically shortened.

Do you have analytics on the post data?

Yes we do, we collect data from each platform so you can measure the success of your social media post.

How does Automate My Social work?

Connect your social media accounts, pull in content from your website, external URL, or RSS feed and create a posting calendar. That’s usually it. 

Can you post to Instagram Stories?

We sure can!

Can I see which posts have been previously sent?

Yes you can, we store each post that has been sent and to which platform. We also save and show you which platforms may have had an error? 

How much does it cost?

For only $200/month (annual paid in advance) or $250/month you can save yourself $1000’s on your social media presence over the cost of a year.  

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes if you are not satisfied with the product you may cancel at any time.

Can I use hashtags in my posts?

Yes and we will go one better, you can use auto hashtags based on the content in your post, saving time trying to come up with your own. You may also add your own. 

Can I publish comments to my sites with AMS?

You sure can, you can pull and reply to comments right from your AMS dashboard.

How do i Cancel?

You can cancel anytime in the manage organization settings.