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Automate Your Social Media: The Best WordPress Plugins for Auto Posting

Why Automating Your Social Media is Essential

Managing your social media while running a business can overwhelm anyone. For small business owners especially, every hour and dollar counts. That’s where a solid auto post to social media WordPress plugin can save the day.

Quick Answer: Here are the best plugins to auto post to your social media from WordPress:

  1. FS Poster – Auto post to 21 social networks.
  2. Blog2Social – Customize messages for 14 social networks.
  3. SchedulePress – Visual editorial calendar for easy scheduling.
  4. Jetpack Social – Manage all social networks from one hub.

These plugins can post your content while you focus on growing your business.

Importance: Automating social media:

  • Saves time: Set it and forget it. Focus on what really matters.
  • Consistent presence: Stay visible to your audience without daily effort.
  • Cost-effective: Reduce the need for a social media manager.

Benefits: By letting these tools handle your posts, you can:

  • Keep your content calendar full.
  • Increase engagement through regular posts.
  • Measure performance with built-in analytics.

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What is an Auto Post to Social Media WordPress Plugin?

An auto post to social media WordPress plugin is a tool designed to automatically share your WordPress content across various social media platforms. This automation helps maintain a consistent online presence without manual intervention.


In simple terms, an auto post to social media WordPress plugin connects your WordPress site to your social media accounts. When you publish a new blog post or update existing content, the plugin automatically shares it on your connected social networks.


These plugins offer various functionalities to streamline your social media efforts:

  • Automatic Posting: Instantly share new posts across multiple social media platforms.
  • Scheduling: Plan and schedule posts in advance to maintain a consistent posting schedule.
  • Customization: Tailor your social media messages with custom text, hashtags, and images.
  • Analytics: Track key performance indicators (KPIs) like engagements, click counts, and impressions.

For example, Automate My Social allows you to share and schedule posts directly within the WordPress editor. It even includes a Social Image Generator to create eye-catching visuals.


Using an auto post to social media WordPress plugin offers several advantages:

1. Time-Saving

Automating your social media posts saves you hours each week. Instead of manually posting to each platform, you can focus on creating quality content. As noted by Automate My Social, “automate 90% of all of your social media forever and never have to think or worry about it again!”

2. Consistency

Maintaining a regular posting schedule is crucial for audience engagement. These plugins ensure your content is shared consistently, even when you’re busy. This leads to higher visibility and better engagement rates.

3. Cost-Effective

Hiring a social media manager can be expensive. Automate My Social offers powerful automation features for a fraction of the cost. You can start with free versions or upgrade for additional features.

4. Enhanced Engagement

Customizing your posts for each platform can significantly boost engagement. For instance, tagging relevant pages or using platform-specific hashtags can increase your reach. A study highlighted by Automate My Social shows that tagging other pages can expand your audience within social media algorithms.

Real-World Example

Consider the case of a security vulnerability that was found in a popular social media auto-poster plugin. This incident underscores the importance of regularly updating your plugins to ensure they function safely and effectively.

Using these tools, you can automate your social media strategy, save time, and achieve better results without the manual effort.

How to Choose the Best Auto Post to Social Media WordPress Plugin

Choosing the right auto post to social media WordPress plugin can make a significant difference in your social media strategy. Here are some key factors to consider:


First, ensure the plugin is compatible with your WordPress version. Regular updates are crucial for maintaining compatibility and security. Check user reviews and the plugin’s update history for any compatibility issues.

Ease of Use

A plugin should be easy to set up and use. Look for plugins with clear instructions and a user-friendly dashboard.

Supported Networks

Different plugins support different social media networks. Choose a plugin that supports the networks where you’re most active.

Customization Options

Customization is key for effective social media posting. Choose a plugin that allows you to tailor posts for each network and schedule them for optimal times.


Budget is always a consideration. Evaluate what features you need and choose a plugin that fits your budget.

Real-Life Examples

Many businesses have successfully automated their social media with these plugins. For instance, a small business saved hours each week by automating posts, allowing more time for customer engagement.

By considering these factors, you can select the best auto post to social media WordPress plugin for your needs, streamlining your social media efforts and boosting your online presence.

How to Set Up an Auto Post to Social Media WordPress Plugin

Setting up an auto post to social media WordPress plugin might seem daunting, but it’s straightforward if you follow these steps:

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Installation

  2. Download the Plugin: Go to the WordPress plugin repository and search for the plugin you want to use. For this guide, we’ll use Social Media Auto Publish.

  3. Upload the Plugin: If you downloaded a .zip file, go to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Plugins > Add New, and click on Upload Plugin. Select the .zip file and click Install Now.
  4. Activate the Plugin: Once installed, click Activate.

  5. Configuration

  6. Access Plugin Settings: In your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings > Social Media Auto Publish.

  7. Connect Your Social Media Accounts: Follow the prompts to connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Tumblr accounts.
  8. Customize Message Formats: Customize the message formats for each social media platform. You can include elements like post title, description, excerpt, permalink, blog title, nicename, post id, and publish date.

  9. Authorization

  10. Authorize Applications: For platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, you need to authorize the plugin to post on your behalf. This usually involves logging into your social media account and granting permissions.

  11. Select Pages or Profiles: If you want to post to specific pages instead of your profile, select the desired pages during the authorization process.

  12. Filter Settings

  13. Enable or Disable Page Publishing: Decide if you want to publish WordPress pages along with posts.

  14. Filter by Categories: Specify which categories of posts should be auto-published.
  15. Filter by Custom Post Types: If you use custom post types, select which ones should be included in the auto-publish process.

  16. Troubleshooting

  17. Check Requirements: Ensure your WordPress version is 3.0+ and PHP is 7.4+.

  18. SSL Peer Verification: If you encounter issues with SSL peer verification, turn it off in the plugin settings.
  19. Contact Support: If problems persist, reach out to the plugin’s support desk for assistance.

By following these steps, you can set up and configure an auto post to social media WordPress plugin seamlessly, saving time and boosting your online presence.

Next, let’s address some frequently asked questions about auto post to social media WordPress plugins.

Frequently Asked Questions about Auto Post to Social Media WordPress Plugins

How do I automatically post to social media in WordPress?

To automatically post to social media in WordPress, you’ll need a reliable plugin. Two popular choices are Social Media Auto Publish and WP2Social Auto Publish.

Social Media Auto Publish allows you to share posts automatically on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It supports various post formats and custom messages, making it versatile for different needs.

WP2Social Auto Publish is another excellent option. It supports Facebook and Twitter and lets you customize your posts with different formats and tags. Both plugins require you to create applications in the respective social networks to avoid posts being marked as “shared via xxx.”

What is the best free auto post to social media WordPress plugin?

For those looking for a free auto post to social media WordPress plugin, Social Media Auto Publish and Blog2Social Free are highly recommended.

Social Media Auto Publish is user-friendly and supports multiple social networks. It offers essential features for free, making it ideal for small blogs or personal websites.

Blog2Social Free comes with advanced scheduling options and allows you to define a default structure for your posts. This can be particularly useful if you want more control over how your content is shared.

How do I auto post from WordPress to Twitter?

To auto post from WordPress to Twitter, you can use plugins like XPoster and WP2Social Auto Publish.

XPoster specializes in posting to Twitter and other social media platforms. It offers customization options, allowing you to tailor your tweets to match your brand voice.

WP2Social Auto Publish also supports Twitter and provides flexibility in formatting your posts. You can include hashtags, mentions, and custom messages to engage your audience effectively.

By choosing the right plugin, you can automate your social media posts, saving time and ensuring your content reaches a broader audience.


Automating your social media posts can dramatically simplify your digital marketing efforts. By using an auto post to social media WordPress plugin, you can ensure your content reaches a wider audience without the manual effort.

Plugins like Social Media Auto Publish, Blog2Social, WP2Social Auto Publish, NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster, Revive Old Posts, and WP to Buffer offer a range of features to fit different needs and budgets. Whether you need to schedule posts, customize messages, or track engagement metrics, there’s a plugin that can help.

Automate My Social

At Automate My Social, we understand the challenges of maintaining a consistent social media presence. Our tools are designed to automate 90% of your social media tasks, freeing up your time for more strategic activities. With our patent-pending technology, you can create and distribute social posts in seconds, saving you time, energy, and money.

Final Thoughts

Incorporating an auto-post plugin into your WordPress site is a smart move for any business looking to streamline their social media strategy. By automating repetitive tasks, you can focus on creating engaging content and building relationships with your audience.

Ready to take your social media game to the next level? Explore our social media automation tools today and see how easy it can be to stay connected with your followers.

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